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A Spit In The Eye: For The Benefit Of Mankind

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Welcome to Hell on Earth.
Following the defeat by machines 10,000 Humans, men, women and children are held prisoner in a fortress, where they have been held for over 100 years. Their numbers are kept at a constant by murder and torture by MengTechs and GoebTechs and DocTechs who have no understanding of the Hippocratic Oath. They are all machines that react only to orders issued by High Office; the mightiest of machines, huge computers built by Humans to answer one simple question; how can we save planet Earth from the ravages of Global Warming. The answer, when it came, was simple; eliminate Humans.
So the wars were fought and Humans conquered, now only 10,000 remain in Gland, imprisoned, without hope, broken, with no thoughts of escape or freedom, guarded by DefGars inside the fortress and RolKills, the most dangerous machines in the world, on the outside.
Only one machine is different.
An Observer Recorder of the 33rd Production; Number 140.
Its only duty is to Observe Humans during daylight hours and patrol hundreds of miles of land outside of the fortress, it believes to provide information to High Office on how planet Earth is recovering from the wars. Only later does it have another thought.
The emotions sadness and joy and uploaded to OR33140 by High Office as an experiment, but the machine finds joy in Eve, a young girl who dances and practices gymnastics for it. OR33140 is enchanted by her and one day, as she leaps high in the air, she spits in its eye saying; That is a spit in the eye for the benefit of mankind. Little does she know that her DNA filters into its systems and binds with its core, slowly turning the machine into a little girl. When Eve is tortured to death, OR33140 is enraged and commits himself to a one machine revolution, promising itself that it will release all the Humans held in the fortress. OR33140 is unarmed by uses its intelligence to take on the heavily armed DefGars, the MengTechs, especially those who murdered its beloved Eve, the GoebTechs and finally, the uber deadly RolKills. After discovering Free Humans living beneath the ground, OR33140 determines to unite the two tribes.
Trouble is, to achieve this he has to kill a Human.
And under Human Law there is only one sentence that can be carried out for such an offence; death.
Welcome Sally Dillon-Snape to the list of imaginative writers who inhabit worlds beyond our own.
A brilliantly written novel, full of death and hope and eventual freedom.

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