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My Billionaire Werewolf (Part 1)

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Raven is confident she has a job at Anderson Industries but makes one mistake. She parks in the owner’s parking space. When Kingsley Anderson ask her to move, she shoots him the finger. She soon realizes that the dark irresistible man who makes her body quake, is her boss, and the one she gave the finger to. Raven promptly packs her things and leaves his company. After discovering her car has been towed, Raven carves her initials on the door of Kingsley’s two hundred thousand dollar Maserati.
Kingsley Anderson has a bit of a problem. He needs to find a human that will give birth to his pups before he’s overrun by another pack of Werewolves. Time is running out, and the moon is full. When he meets Raven in the garage of his building, he selects her to become his mate.
How will he convince Raven, a stubborn, strong-minded human to sire his pups when she thinks there is no such thing as a Werewolf?

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