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Stranded On Christmas

200 pages2 hours


This is a Christmas romance about Jessica, who gets dumped by her boyfriend a few days before Christmas. 

Jessica decides, on the spur of the moment, to take off and visit her aunt and uncle in Canada. 

Jessica gets caught in a snowstorm, gets hopelessly lost, and runs out of gas. Thankfully, Gideon finds her and takes her in. 

One thing leads to another, and they end up in bed. 

Jessica thinks that she is having rebound sex, but Gideon, who has been saving himself for marriage, thinks that they're engaged. 

What will Jessie do when he gives her an engagement ring for Christmas? 

In the tradition of Christmas Captive, we have two people snowed in on Christmas, two people who are complete opposites, but as fate would have it, they feel a spark for one another. 

This book contains sexually explicit scenes as well as spanking scenes. 

Author’s favorite sentence: There is nothing sexier than a beautiful naked man, saying that he would take care of everything. Ages 18 and up.

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