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Arcanist's Lament

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After magic almost caused the end of the world, its use was outlawed and anything magical (including priestly magic and psionics) was forbidden. Centuries passed, and people thought of magic as a relic from a less enlightened time and forgot all about it. Civilization in the city of Albanzion is divided into two sections: the haves who live Above (as it is called) and the have-nots who live in Undercity. After getting into a fight Above with a colleague/enemy named Ably , Steiger is sentenced to work off his crime mining below Undercity. There, he meets a Kobold named Zoe, escapes from his captors, and is held prisoner by a sentient spell named Myst once it is revealed that he has the gift of magic. Steiger’s friend Dinny -who secretly happens to be a thief- and his sister Grae set off to rescue the young man from captivity, unknowing of his newfound abilities.

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