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My Billionaire Werewolf (Part 3)

40 pages34 minutes


Raven wants what any woman wants, her freedom, and to control her own destiny. But Kingsley Anderson has mapped out her life for her, and she’s not having it. This strong black woman is determined to show that impossible, alluring, handsome love of her life, that she is no man’s B even if he’s a gorgeous billionaire werewolf.

Kingsley wants to protect Raven from the eager desires of a young werewolf who has his sharp eyes on her, and he suspects that the werewolf wants to do battle to gain control of his pack and Raven. If the young wolf succeeds in taking Raven, Kingsley knows that he will not be as amused as he is by her stubborn, arrogant behavior, and smart mouth. Can Kingsley convince Raven before it’s too late that it’s a dangerous world outside without him to protect her?

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