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The Butterfly Girl

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Paapjytt’s entire body is covered with an elaborate and beautiful butterfly tattoo. And she’s going to kill the people who put it there.

Protected by the pirate captain Zahur Shujaa, young Paapjytt takes refuge on the magnificent, triple-hulled flying vessel Orpheus. The Butterfly Girl’s simmering hatred of ship’s captain Odhrán Allyn hints at her hidden secrets. Paapjytt befriends bird-boy Tjyrrgllyn and his Earthling companion, Wolfgang Mozart. While Wolfgang relates Paapjytt’s horrific tale from his 21st-century deathbed, Captain Odhrán’s 18th-century plots to seize Klyrrok’s throne become increasingly deadly. Battles commence when the goat-god Pan and his rebel band of Fledglings steal the Orpheus, while the Butterfly Girl begins her retribution on Odhrán’s vicious ward, Atros. Paapjytt is little but her dagger is swift, and she will ruthlessly slaughter her enemies until the torture she endured is redeemed in blood.

The Butterfly Girl wants revenge. Be glad she’s not after you.

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