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The Blazing Christian

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You can’t afford to be anything less than a firebrand of Jesus. You are saved to be ‘red-hot’ for Him. the best being to be is the blazing Christian.

The world we presently live is in need of revival. And the Holy Ghost fire is the key to such revival; not all the reformative gymnastics and prophetic rituals around us. We need the full-flame of Christ. It’s when His fire falls upon us that we become red hot revivalists.
It’s so cold in our 'churchy', religious world today, that the pulpits no longer ignite the dying souls. If the world must have the revival, the church must become a congregation of blood washed, blazing Christians. Only blazing, red-hot believers could usher in the long-awaited end time revival. The revival fire will not fall on the church and the world until you and I have become firebrand revivalists for the Christ.
We must triumphantly power with God in our closet to invite true revival waves. The redemption work has been accomplished but our intense, continuous prayer is needed to prepare the way for the outbreak of God’ pure fire. There is a close link between intercessory prayer and receiving the Pentecost power. Let us pray. The days of Pentecost has not ended!

Yeah, when the fire falls on us we’ve got to go forth in its blaze, preaching the gospel, conquering the world. When the fire fell upon the 120 disciples in the upper room, they all went out as blazing Christians, conquering the globe for Christ. Yes, they went forth turning the world for the King, after they were baptized with the Spirit and fire. You can’t have the Dazzling Dove coming upon you and stay indifferent. No, you cannot have all tongues of fire sitting upon your head and not be a firebrand for Jesus.

God gave us the Holy Ghost and fire to ignite the Endtime reawakening. It’s high time we ended inaction and apathy and wake up to the task of winning and blazing the world. It is high time we became blazing Christians, conquering peoples and nations in His full-flame.

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