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The Lucifer Spore

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A team led by astrobiologist, Ravi Lakshmi, discovers nine tiny capsules of extraterrestrial origin embedded in an ancient layer of Antarctic ice. When the capsules are found to contain clusters of alien spores, the discovery draws the attention of the military, a clandestine society of women called the Effeminati, and a secret cartel of the world’s wealthiest men known as Aurum Orbis or the Golden Circle. Ravi’s team is transported to a military bioweapons facility where the cultured spores grow into mushrooms with psychoactive properties. A clash of power to gain control of the alien life form brings Ravi together with Manisha Roy, a beautiful Effeminati recruit with extraordinary mental skills. Aurum Orbis suspects the discovery may be related to prehistoric symbols recorded in a cave once used by a cult of mushroom worshippers. After a harrowing escape from the military bioweapons facility, Ravi and Manisha are kidnapped by agents of Aurum Orbis. Under threat of death, they must translate the alien symbols to determine if the message represents a threat, a harmless curiosity or a source of valuable knowledge. Despite the risk of losing her mind, Manisha must ingest the mushroom extract in order to translate the alien symbols. With Ravi's aid she returns from the brink of oblivion to reveal the aliens' purpose and in doing so alter the future of humanity.

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