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Fun Size #9 Step by Step

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The story of Nick and Tammy's affair continues. Tammy's mom helps Caroline and Joy get Hugh into rehab. Nick meets Tammy's mom and the girls get ready for the party. Caroline and Wanda reassure Tammy that Nick truly loves her.

It took her a moment for Caroline to get her bearings. She was in a bed with three women. ‘Oh, right. Joy and I went out with Tammy and Wanda last night,’ she thought. ‘What the hell is buzzing?’ Then she saw her phone vibrating across the nightstand. Caroline freed herself from the tangle of soft feminine limbs she reached for it. With it in hand, she tiptoed into the hallway to take the call. "What is it?" she said quietly.

"Where are you?" Jeffery asked.

"Until you called and woke me up, I was in bed," Caroline grumbled.

"Hugh is supposed to go to rehab this morning."

"Don’t worry, we’ll get him there," Caroline sighed. "Just let me sleep for a little while longer."

“Babe, it's already past 10:00. We were supposed to have him there before noon," said Jeffery.

Caroline jumped into action when she heard that. "I'll get the girls up and we'll be there as soon as we can," she told him as she marched back into the bedroom. Gone was the option to be quiet or discreet. “Come on, girls. We got to get moving. Hugh is due at rehab in about an hour.” she told them.

Joy was up in a flash. Before the other girls could even get moving, Joy was ready to go and was calling for a cab to pick them up. Taking the phone from her, Wanda told her, “We don’t need a cab. I’ll drive.”

Next to the others women, Tammy felt out-of-place. They seem to exude an effortless confidence and poise that she’d never known. Joy was making coffee and tea while the other three were dressing. Softly, she padded over to Tammy and gave her a hug. “You’re in charge this morning. Please, help us take care of Hugh. He needs this.” Looking back over her shoulder at Caroline, Joy added, “We all need this.”

The group sped across town to the beach house like they were trying to make a getaway. When Caroline slid across the seat and bumped Tammy, she clung on to Tammy like a life preserver in a stormy sea. With a giggle, Tammy told her, “This is normal for her. Don’t worry, she’ll get us there in one piece.”

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