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Dragon Tails: Saving Dracor: Dragon Tails, #2

Length: 46 pages36 minutes


Enter the fantasy world of an expected encounter between a Dragon Prince and a 13-year-old farmboy!

Dragon heir Dracor has had a close shave with an evil, carnivorous spider. He escapes narrowly, thanks to 13-year-old Jacen Finley's bravery. However, Dracor sustains a broken wing and is unable to fly back to his kingdom.

Out of pity, and awe, Jacen offers to nurse Dracor back to health. The only thing he cannot foresee is his protective mother's reaction. Torn between taking care of the injured dragon and obeying his mother, Jacen goes with his heart.

Meanwhile, Dracor faces yet another dilemma. Should he accept the boy's help once more? What will his parents, who abhor humans with a vengeance, say if they hear of it?

*This is a short story written for avid Dragon readers, ideal for both adults and children.*

Book 2 - Saving Dracor is out now!

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