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Top 10 Best Synastry Aspects

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The Top 10 Best Aspects for Romance, the second book in the Star Synastry series, examines the 10 hottest aspects in synastry that encourage mutual romantic interest, attraction, and excitement between partners. These aspects stand out because they inevitably lead to attraction between partners and magnetize people to one another. If you see one of these top 10 aspects in a synastry chart, you can safely assume that at least one of the partners is romantically interested in the other.

The Top 10 Best Aspects for Romance fully explains the 10 aspects that appear most often in romantic synastry, with chart examples. These leading synastry aspects can help you determine if your boyfriend or girlfriend likes you as much as you like them, if your significant other will marry you, or if your platonic friendship may develop into something more. This book also includes an overview of the most important planets in the synastry chart, a discussion of orbs, astrological houses, a brief history of astrology, and a lesson in chart reading. Star Synastry is written for anyone with an interest in synastry and astrology, and includes numerous charts, illustrations, and celebrity examples.

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