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Super Shy

Length: 165 pages2 hours


Edelweiss, a smart, shy girl with a funny name, is what other kids politely call "different". And in her school, different girls get ignored or bullied. Edelweiss desperately wants to fit in, but nothing changes until an accident turns her worst personality trait into a secret power. Edelweiss teams up with two other misfits to get even with the bullies who made their lives miserable, and soon discovers her purpose is meant for more than revenge. Just when Edelweiss is about to make her dreams come true, a crisis threatens to cut short her life, unless she can conquer her own worst self to become a hero. Super Shy captures the drama and angst of growing up in a funny, fanciful, and suspenseful coming-of-age adventure which gives hope to anyone who feels they don't fit in.

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