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Star Minds Interregnum

Length: 260 pages3 hours


Stories set between the fall of the Galactic Empire and start of the Humanoid Wars that will lead the birth of the Federation of Humanoid Planets. The Star Nations learn to be independent from the mighty Sire, which sometimes brings in anarchy (tyrants, dictators, gangsters and other criminals). There will be wars between Humanoids now that the common threat (the Reptilians) is no more. Eventually the Star Nations will set up the Federation to keep the peace among the warring Humanoids.

The stories included:

Arica of Silvania (5207)

Runaway (5209)

Psychometrist (5209-5010)

Mirabilis (5213-5214)

Brothers (5215)

Looking for Home (5217)

Haunted by Shadows (5220)

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