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Length: 224 pages3 hours


Rothschild Publishing, home of a stable-full of bestselling authors. The biggest is a publishing phenomenon. Z T Black is the mysterious, elusive author, assessable by few responsible for writing the shocking new series.
Jack Rothschild has no desire to run his publishing house, but finds himself forced to after his current head proves to be either overwhelmed by her position or has she lost her touch and grip on reality.
Tatjana beautiful, quiet up and coming editor. Jack takes an immediate interest in her by assigning a high profile author to her.
Mayhem pursues and follows the pair...right into the bedroom. Jack finds himself shocked by the fact he's fallen in love-Tatjana is without words that she's let this man into her inner sanctuary and has fallen for hi as well.
Do the rumors that follow Jack around true? Or are they part of the lies his former chief editor/publisher has released? And what about Z T Black?

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