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The Bargain (A Stonecrest Novel Book 2)

Length: 374 pages5 hours


Eight years had passed since Henrieta Deveraux had done the unthinkable. At the age of sixteen she had sent a note to one of London’s most notorious rakes in form of a marriage Bargain. Never did she think that once again she would come face to face with the man who had captured her heart so long ago.

Lance Wellsbrough, the Viscount of Ravenwood, was just as handsome, just as devastating to her senses, and just as tempting to her heart. She wasn’t prepared for his wicked sense of humor as he waved the aged note beneath her pert nose and announced he wanted to seal their Bargain.

Bloody hell!

Lance found the aged yellow paper in the top drawer of his desk. He sniffed the sweet scent and smiled. He now had a face to place to the mysterious note he received eight years ago. Miss Henrieta Deveraux.

His first glimpse of her as she passed by him at the opera nearly staggered him, but it was her tantalizing scent that pulled at his senses and his memories. There was something vaguely familiar about her. His plan was simple. . .he would seduce her with sweet words. He would tempt her with kisses. And he would conquer her with passion...and it all would begin with The Bargain.

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