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Collateral Justice

Length: 321 pages4 hours


When attorney Matt Stevenson returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral, he inadvertently becomes embroiled in a homicide involving an old and trusted friend.  Matt and his friend, along with two other witnesses, are confronted with both a moral and legal dilemma: Do they tell what they know and risk ruining their lives and careers or stay silent in hopes that the truth will never be exposed?  As Matt wrestles with his conundrum and deals with the family business at hand, other events swirl about him, further complicating his life.  Not least among them is the appearance of his ex-wife, Beth, who has developed some kinky proclivities since he last saw her and who has fresh designs on him.
Vividly recalling why he left this small town in the first place, Matt strives to wrap up his business there so that he can return to his law practice in the city and put the events in his hometown behind him.  But as their secret threatens to unravel, he and his friends are thrust deeper into the skein of their dilemma. With developments rapidly unfolding, Matt searches for a way to find some kind of justice for all involved without everyone landing behind bars.

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