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The Seven S's of Developing Young Writers (Alphabet Sevens, #5)

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In this concise guide, Sue Cowley shares a wealth of strategies for helping your students become better writers. She gives practical advice on building the skills, techniques and attitudes needed to be a successful writer. She examines ways to give young writers a sense of purpose, and an authentic audience. She looks at the importance of structures in building confidence for young writers. She examines how you can help your students develop a unique writing style, and looks at the best ways to assess their writing. She also offers a range of ideas for stimulating and inspiring your students, so that they feel highly motivated to write.

This mini guide is written in Sue's much-loved honest and straight talking style. Her focus is on practical tips and realistic advice that you can use in your classroom immediately. Read Sue's short guide now and find out how to help your students develop into confident, successful young writers.

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