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Blissful Misery

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This is my autobiography/memoir and the book that started my desire to take writing seriously. This book is for 18+ as it is very graphic in detail. The stories bounce around a small bit but have been told that the further you get into it the better it becomes. My life, laugh at it for what it is worth but sharing a lot of my life in the book was a release for me. Told time and time again to tell my stories in public, now I don't have to. I've had a lot of misfortunes happen in my 'growing up' if you will and I've tried hard to let go of some of the major mishaps in my life. There are a few random rants in the book as well. I am a guy that never thought of writing until I found that you can publish with no cost and that is where it began for me. I thank Lulu for that to be honest. Life is hard and is forever changing. I have learned in life that there are always going to be consequences and sometimes you have to pay dearly for them.

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