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Kiss & Tell

71 pages54 minutes


A romantic short read.

Cassandra Delacroix's husband Calvin works in another U.S. State and she's left to fend for herself for weeks on end. To allay her misery, she places a classified advertisement in the State's newspaper, expecting to get a little response from men who want a companion for the evening. However, what she finds is so much more than she had bargained for.

When James walks into her life she's knocked for six and panics. He's the perfect package, and she denies that she wants him.
But, not before a sudden change in her circumstances leads her to suspect destiny has played a part in her misfortune and has sent her on a journey of self-exploration of the most liberating kind.

If you like your romance served hot, read this stunning book from the Author of the romantic 'Solo Girl Takes Orlando' series.

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