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When you’re dead, you’re dead. That’s it. Nothing more. At least that’s what Quinn O’Reilly thinks. But then she starts hearing whispers after losing Matthew, the love of her life, to cancer. Quinn either has to start believing in an afterlife or admit that her own sanity is in jeopardy. As Matthew’s parents fight Quinn for his estate, threatening her with financial ruin, the voices intensify.

To make the voices stop, Quinn enlists the help of a woman who communicates with the afterlife, the owner of a cemetery, and an odd professor of Egyptian studies. They enter a world of séances, grave digging, and spells from the ancient Book of the Dead.
To help her do this, Quinn turns to Chaz, her gay best friend and assistant at work. He has been by her side from the beginning and as bizarre as Chaz believes this task is, he follows Quinn, Andjela, Chester and Mr. Princeton into the world of spirits, ghosts and specters. He just never knows what to wear. What’s appropriate attire for a séance or digging up a grave?

What Quinn and the others must do to unravel the mystery of the whispers tests Quinn’s belief system in every way. Can the dead really reach out from the other side? Can Quinn open her mind enough to help her and her dead lover? And, is it okay to commit a crime for a greater purpose?

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