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Astronomy: Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy: Resources, Stargazing Guides, Apps and Software!: Beginner's Guide to Astronomy, #2

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Welcome to Beginner's Guide to Astronomy Part 2!

Ever wondered how you can better view the stars, planets and comets with the help of modern technology? This book will give beginners to astronomy the tools and tips to navigate the mystical sky to gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating galaxy. 

Besides a brief introduction to astronomy, you will learn about astronomy in modern times and the applications and software that a budding astronomer can use to strengthen his arsenal. You will also pick up tips on selecting the right type of telescopes, and about the wide array of stargazing mobile apps and software suitable for you. 

There are plenty out of resources out there and having one or two should help keep you on the right track. We hope this book and its resources will send you to the moon! Figuratively speaking, of course! 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Astronomy Basics Stargazing Software and Apps Amazing Trivia about the Universe Much, much more!

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