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The Ultimate Catch: The Ultimate Catch, #1

217 pages3 hours


A balloon payment looms on Jolanda’s father’s house and he’s too ill to work. She decides she must follow in his large footsteps into a male-dominated, high paying job, despite the fact it’s the most dangerous job on the planet. First, she must convince the new, young captain on the crab-fishing boat her father worked on.

Keller is one bad season away from losing his father’s fishing company. With the crab season opening, he’s one deckhand short of having a full boat. As tempted as he is by the beautiful and spirited daughter of his ill employee, he knows hiring her is a horrible idea. Jo’s drinking challenge seems to be the perfect escape, [How could this one-hundred-ten-pound beauty drink him under the table?] but he loses.

He must choose between bucking tradition and superstition and allow her to fish or going back on his word and keeping Jolanda safe. 

Will his season be doomed, or will he end up with the ultimate catch?

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