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God's Love Story

Length: 50 pages44 minutes


Throughout history, God calls out to His people asking one simple question, "Do you love Me?" He offers us the most magnificent sort of love available, and wants a relationship with people who will respond with a love that mimics His passion. Christianity isn't really a boring "let's go to church and sit in a pew for an hour" sort of religion. It's a romance with the creator of the universe, a "fairy tale" about the Prince of Peace, Who laid down His life to rescue His bride from captivity to sin.

Chapter Outline:
Chapter 1 – Tell Me A Story
Introduces the idea of the Bible as a love story God is writing for us and with us.

Chapter 2 – God in the Old Testament
Explores God’s love for His people as revealed in the Old Testament.

Chapter 3 – A Great Mystery
Human marriage as a model of the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church.

Chapter 4 – Kinsman Redeemer
Christ’s role as Redeemer, in relation to the story of Ruth and His sacrifice to redeem us from sin.

Chapter 5 – Falling In Love With Christ
Christ proved His love by dying for us, and that should inspire us to love Him in return.

Chapter 6 – Making Ready to Marry
Practical things we can do to prepare for the Church’s marriage to Jesus Christ.

Chapter 7 – Unending Love
Discusses God’s love and concludes the booklet.

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