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The Insurance Job

Length: 180 pages2 hours


A rich US urologist Angela Robertson goes undercover to take-on Augustus Rostov, SA's notorious godfather, on a mission to recover US$10million that led to her brother's assasination. This slick operator with a voluptuous body sets her master plan by operating a private clinic and purchasing a mansion with an inimitable sex studio in Centurion, Pretoria. Her weird order at the bar on a particular Friday is meant to ensare, Max Sexwale, a youthful private investigator working undercover as a barman in Augustus' upmarket club.

She seduces him, and what follows are great sex escapades in her sex studio as they shackle it up in the New Yorker's mansion. A sudden trip to Swaziland with Augustus' assassin, Koningin Pienaar, sees Max briefly separated with the doctor, who subsequently introduce Max to a Swinger's website to help keep the fire burning. In the site, real names are a no-no. The wild sex chats overwhelms Max, so much he blunders, giving his phone number to one of the swingers who turn out to be Linda, Augustus' wife. Nonetheless, Linda doesn't tell Max, until he is back from Swaziland. She invites the young man into her office where they live their dodging fantasy.

Their encounter doesn't remain secret for too long. Linda, in the company of Dr. Cynthia Okocha, the Rostovs' personal doctor who has been instrumental in hooking up the Rostovs with Angela, bumps on Max sorting vodka bottles inside Angela's sex studio. The two have come to view Angela's mansion, which she has put up for sale. Excited by the possibilities, Linda goes overboard, behaving kinkily. Yet, her little secret with Max is what saves her when she is pinned nude on a wheel-of-misfortune.

After their kinky foursome, Max is shocked by Angela who tells her that she knows he is an undercover cop. She also reveals that she is Abigail Shuttle, sister to the slain Andy Shuttle, and that she'll host a Swinger's party with Augustus' Mafia in which, she'll wire the Rostovs. She finally asks Max to connive with her and rob the Mafia more than US$10million in an internet bank transfer before locking up the entire Mafia.

However, the first day footage from Angela's studio shows Angela and the Mafia celebrating a health insurance fraud, something that seems to jeopardize chances of a succesful prosecution. But that's not his only problem, while listening on Augustus' cellphone conversations, he catches up with the man scheming to take out Angela using poisoned wine, suspecting the doctor is an agent of state. Now, the detective has to risk it all and gatecrash the party on the second evening, coming-on as a surprise stripper, an effort to spill the poisoned wine. Yet, after succesfully gatecrashing, he realizes there's another surprise guest- Koningin Pienaar, the deadly assassin- turns out Augustus has a back up plan.

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