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Keeper of the Keepers: The Keeper Saga: Book Two

Length: 443 pages7 hours


He swore never to break his sacred vow...before he met her

As the ancient wizard of the forest that never ages, the powerful Master Wargo protects and trains all those that have the chosen path to serve as Keepers of the legends of King Arthur. But truly, he is a man like any other that follows in a long line of ageless Wargos, and carries on the magical myth that keeps the hope of Wales alive under their Norman conquerors. The virileness of his true youthful body would not matter at all if Lady Sarah would have stayed in the protection of her father’s keep as he had instructed her. Already ravaged once in her young life, Wargo had healed her body and heart, and now he is the only man she trusts. But every touch, every devotion of her heart turns up the flames of desire he swore a sacred oath to never let his flesh indulge in. Her every effort to prove to the Wizard Wargo that she is capable of being a Keeper, only brings them into closer contact with each other and the inevitable breaking of both their sworn sacred vows.

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