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Quit Smoking Using Education Meditation & Affirmation

Length: 80 pages43 minutes


Steven smoked for 45 years while trying many times to quit. One thing he did this time, that was never done before was to be committed to quitting while finding the methods to do so permanently. Once he absorbed the necessary Education, did the Meditation, repeated the Affirmations and adapted the “contract-with-yourself” concept, it really made it possible for him to quit smoking.
Educating yourself about the tobacco industry, the reason you started smoking, the complex additives added to your cigarette will help you meet the challenge in quitting.
Many religious people rely on meditation to elevate their consciousness. To follow a system of creating new thought patters in their mind to change and improve their relationships. The author took this time proven method of self-hypnotic, subconscious suggestion and applied it to smoking cessation.
Positive thinking and affirmation is another success oriented method self- improvement gurus apply to construction of new habits in place of old ones. Again, he used this technique in building a list of affirmations to be repeated throughout his day. This way his old smoking habits were replaced with healthy ones.
The method of signing a Contract is used in dietary control, religious sects, success and motivational studies, marriage counseling and other human relation efforts to commit to a goal of improvement. To focus on the “what” you want to change or improve in your life. In a relationship for example, a person can write down a contract with the other person and promise to fulfill certain obligations with regards to that relationship. What this does is commit you to your goals. Donald Trump says: “When you commit to something in writing all of a sudden it becomes real”. Steven took this “Contract” idea and applied it to this method of stopping the madness.

Chapters include:
* The Education:
-Evolution of a smoker.
-Tobacco plant facts and information.
-Articles and information on tobacco related subjects.
-Additives used to enhance addiction to tobacco.
-How quitting makes your life easier.
* The Meditation time. Focus on what you want.
* The Affirmations. Repeated daily.
* Promissory “New Life” contract. Sign it!
* Common challenges once you have quit.
* Stop smoking drugs (and their side effects).
* Foods and vitamins that will help.
* Summary, references and final notes.
* Plus, at the very back, is The list of 499 known additives

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