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Maid for the Billionaire

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Handsome, sexy billionaire Blake Chester is used to getting everything he wants.
Drowning in diamonds and riches, the blue eyed playboy has never heard the word ‘no’ in his life before.
That is, until Lana comes under his roof as his new maid and swiftly turns down his advances.
Fueled by rejection, Blake desires her above all else. He wants her in his arms and in his bed, and he’s determined to make it happen.
What will the sexy billionaire do when he suddenly realizes that he wants the maid for more than just her body, but that he desires her heart and soul as well?

"'Well...' I said quietly, as one of his hands slid downwards, inching over my body, savoring the feel of my skin under his touch as his mouth moved to my neck.
His hand travelled back downwards, gliding over my belly button as his fingertips danced just below the hem of my panties.
I opened my mouth to stop him again, but could not muster the strength this time around. I moaned softly, lips captured by his own hungry mouth as his tongue traced my lower lip, begging for a taste.
Blake’s hand moved lower, cupping the whole of me in his hand. I trembled beneath him, never before having been so vulnerable.
“No one else has been here, have they?” He whispered against my mouth.
Not trusting my ability speak, I simply shook my head.
Vigor suddenly took over the billionaire as he greedily caught my mouth in his own once more.
His fingers swept over my pussy, gliding between the lips with fervor. My hips bucked under his own, legs wrapping around his body as we rocked together.
A lone, burning finger penetrated me as I cried out in pleasure."

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