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31 Horrifying Tales from the Dead Volume 5



"I can't believe I've been an Archaeologist all these years and all I have to show for the thirty plus years is a couple dinosaur bones. I feel I've been nothing, but a disgrace to all archaeologists abroad. When will my luck change?" said a sad Dr. Moreland.

Sometimes when we are at our lowest points in life some kind of intervention steps in and our luck changes, and that's what is about to happen to Dr. Moreland the moment he pulls his revolver from his desk, and points the gun to his head. Just as he pulled trigger, and closed his eyes, and nothing happened the door of his study burst open with the news he had been waiting for all these years. A young ambitious student of Dr. Moreland's said "Dr. Moreland! Dr. Moreland!" as he gasped for air.

"What is it? Can't you see you interrupted me, I was about to end my worthless life, this better be good," explained Dr. Moreland in frustration.

"You're not going to believe this, but a good friend of mine was on an expedition in Egypt and was told by some old man that said he can lead us to King Necron's tomb."

"What do you need me for? There are many well qualified archeologists that were more successful than I.” “Why don't you go now and let me try again? Maybe this time I'll succeed,” replied Dr. Moreland in a sad tone of voice.

"Didn't you tell no matter me how frustrating it can be in this business to keep on trying because when you least expect it your luck can change in an instant?" explained the eager student.

"Yes, I said those words, but I only said it so you wouldn't end up like me old and broke with nothing to show for it," as the doctor laid his head down on his desk sobbing.

"Dr. Moreland, don't destroy what you instilled in me. Wipe those tears dry, and let's get on the next plane to Egypt, and make history. I'll make a deal with you if I'm wrong I'll end my life as well. Come on! Come on! What do you say?"

"Ok! Ok!" then the doctor placed his revolver in his suitcase for protection when he and his colleague arrived in Egypt. The doctor got on the phone and scheduled their flight to Egypt.

The student helped Dr. Moreland in rounding up more students to help with the expedition.

Later that afternoon, Dr. Moreland and his team of wannabe archaeologists were on a plane heading towards the greatest find ever and a curse that would be unleashed when the tomb of King Necron was opened.

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