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Ambush at Blood Canyon: a western novel

Length: 111 pages2 hours


Ambush at Blood Canyon

Kansas, 1874: Jack Carter and Tom Ramirez ride south into Indian Territory on the trail of a man who has stolen Carter’s most treasured possession — an item he is determined to recover at all costs. 

But Carter and Ramirez’s journey is difficult and fraught with danger; the Nations harbor any number of fugitives from the law. Overcoming a gang of petty desperadoes, their trail leads to a man engaged in larceny on a far grander scale. Salt Fork Indian agent Willard Armstrong is selling supplies intended for the Comanches in his charge, forcing hundreds of Indian women and children to face starvation.

Carter and Ramirez are determined to expose Armstrong, but he and his hired killers are equally determined to see they don’t.

Can Carter and Ramirez bring Armstrong to justice? And will Carter be able to find the man who has taken the thing he prizes almost as much as life itself?

Ambush at Blood Canyon is an exciting, action-filled western that grips from the first page to the last.

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