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The Pendulum strikes Three

Length: 323 pages4 hours


Could you outsmart the devil, if he were within you?

A story that spans eternity, in a brave attempt at divulging the origin of the Universe, THE PENDULUM STRIKES THREE tells of the birth of God the Being by His omnipotent Soul, and of the creation of all that there is, including angels and human beings.

The revelation is possible due to an emotionally strained angel who evades Heaven in order to find himself. However, what he discovers in the depth of the cosmos is the devil that had lured him out of the safe zone in the first place, by toying with his mind and evoking memories of childhood fears.

Captive within the grasp of this elusive enemy, the angel battles his own inner demons, managing to cross the boundary of meditation. He then proceeds to tell the story of eternity, from the very nonexistent beginning, to the present and beyond. 

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