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Naked Desire (Part Three, VIP Short Story)

Length: 60 pages48 minutes


Part Three... 
Lies, Betrayal, and Seduction... 
Secrets are exposed. Cole and Ren's second chance, may be leading to irrevocable disaster. 

VIP Companion: Cole Bradley 

Age: 28 

Eyes: Green 

Hair: Copper brown 

Height: 6'0" 

Weight: 225 lbs. 

Physical activities: Anything stimulating. 

When we meet. Cole Bradley makes his intentions clear. I, Ren McKnight, belong to him. 

I want Cole. I do. But our past wasn't based on truth. The way he gives me pleasure, and the promises he makes for our future, brings me closer to exposing my heart along with my naked desires. 

And just when you think you finally have it all. Secrets, lies, and deception follows you from the past and destroy everything. 

Author Note: 
This is part 3 and the final part in the Naked Desire Series. 

*If you're allergic to hot sex, kinky language, or alpha males, this book may not be for you. This book is intended for readers 18+ years of age. 

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