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Warriors of the Iron Blade



JP Tate’s reinvention of the Epic Fantasy saga as a political allegory. Can you understand the allegorical meanings within the text? This is serious adult fantasy with something to say.

The third volume of this series begins with the Pæga resistance needing to consolidate their military victories in the war of liberation. The army is heading east to face the forces of the Wódnis clan who are mustering for a reconquest of Pæga territory. Yet Clænnis Ellenweorc must leave her martial duties as a Captain of the Infantry to ride west alone in pursuit of her deadly adversary, the enchantress Mildryth of Rede.

But events are underway that will change everything for the Aenglians. The continent of the Geulten and Ehngle nations is threatened by the imperialist incursions of hostile marauders espousing a violent religious ideology. In the Geulten language they are known as the Adorateurs de Sang, the “Blood Worshippers”. The Ehngle call them the Blód Gield which means the “Blood Brotherhood”. Their arrival will affect the life of Hereweorc the Anwealda forever.

The weak aristocracies who rule the nations of the continent are falling prey to the barbarous power of the invaders, attempting to save themselves by paying tribute and making fatal concessions. But the Aenglians are a proud people who will not surrender. Can the disputatious clans of Aenglia overcome their age-old hostility toward one another and find a way to unite to defend themselves against this imminent threat to their nation? 

Chapters: 1. From Out of an Empty Sea. 2. The Stratagems of Maev de Lederwyrhta. 3. My Sword Shall Not Sleep. 4. The Politics of the Spear. 5. Blood is the Vessel of the Soul. 6. Of Clans and Nations. 7. A Kajhin among the Pæga. 8. A Man of Legend. 9. The Cutthroat of the Commons. 10. A War for Generations Yet Unborn.

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