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Rescued by a Vampire

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Valentino De Marcus has it all, a loving family, a successful surfing school and an amazing woman. She’s sexy, smart and--in his dreams. Val wishes on a shooting star to find the woman who visits him nightly. He knows she’s real and their fates are in destiny’s hand.

Private Investigator Tia O’Shea isn’t crazy. She knows the man who invades her dreams is real. He has to be, she has a bite on her neck to prove it. Now she has to find him. One night she follows her client’s cheating husband and witnesses him murder someone. He discovers then chases her. Rescued by the hunky man of her dreams, it’s a good time as any to formally meet.

Val is an immortal day-walking vampire and Tia is a slayer. Through the rush of getting acquainted and staying alive, they find that their love isn't only in their dreams and give life and death whole new meaning.

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