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F-4 Phantom Crew Chief: Sam Lassiter's Vietnam Saga

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I was just one of the countless crew chiefs working F-4 Phantoms on the flight line in Thailand during the intensive action packed latter part of the Vietnam War. This is my exciting life’s story with focus on my tour at Udorn RTAFB. There are numerous books written by various fighter pilots of their missions over Vietnam with exciting aerial combat. The support level on the flight line was also grueling, but in a very different role. This is my everyday life at the typical crew chief’s level keeping our fighters combat ready 24 hrs a day. Each new day brought a different challenge, dealing with sapper attacks, support for Operation Linebacker II, venomous snakes on the flight line, and living with the tropical heat and humidity. It was busy and it was noisy. Walk with me and experience what it was like in the crew chief’s everyday life on the line.
— Sam Lassiter

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