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Victorious Dispositions

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In this book the author presents the different aspects of the Christian life that a believer must give himself to if he must live a victorious life.
The first secret of success in the knowledge and service of God is extreme hard work. Lazy people are traitors to the God who works hard.
The impact of the past on spiritual greatness is far reaching. If you take your background carelessly, you are the most foolish of fools. You know your limits from what drags you behind. God is giving you an opportunity to correct the past and to re-determine the future. No one can stay in the presence of God beyond his knowledge of God and beyond his holiness. Wanting to win the lost is evidence to the fact that a man is in good health spiritually. When a man has lost the burden to win the lost, he is a backslider. Evidences that the periods of intimacy with God are fruitful is seen in the abundance of fruits. Prayer is a means to an end; the end is soul winning. You are the product of the choices you have made in life.
Do you want to make the right choices in life so as to be all that God wants you to be a victor? This book will be of great help to you.

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