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Zombie Bride

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Johnny and his new bride Marie were so excited that the wedding bells were going to ring at seven pm that night and couldn’t wait to arrive at their honeymoon destination after the wedding, but their wedding bliss was about to turn into wedding sadness.
After the wedding was over and the two newlyweds got into their car heading to the airport to their honeymoon destination it started raining and lightning causing Johnny’s visibility of the road very difficult to judge the center lines, but the two newlyweds were too in love and not really paying close attention to their surroundings. Marie sat close to Johnny sharing kisses together as their car barreled down the road. The moment their lips touched another car on the other side of the road lost control and hit them head on causing Johnny’s bride to be ejected from the car because she wasn’t buckled in her seat. Marie went head first through their cars windshield and passed through the windshield of the other car that hit them head on killing her instantly.
Johnny jumped out of his car in hopes his beautiful bride was still alive, but that would not be the case because just as her head passed the windshield of the other drivers windshield the jagged glass cut all the way through her neck causing her head to be severed right off her shoulders landing on the drivers front seat in the drivers lap. Johnny had no idea his bride had lost her head until he pulled her out of the windshield blood was spewing out of her juggler view all down his white tuxedo. Johnny fell to the wet ground with his headless bride in his arms crying and said “why God!”
Johnny’s dead bride’s funeral wasn’t held until a few days later because her parents were on an overseas trip celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Before her parents arrived back from their trip Johnny was hitting the bars and drinking heavily trying to drown out his sorrows with little use. Every time Johnny would pass by a woman that resembled his bride it sent flashbacks to the accident and the more he stared at them his mind made him think it was really her still in her dress alive and well smiling at him with open arms waiting for him to embrace her but when he ran to her to put his loving arms around her the image faded and the women would slap him across his face and yell out for the police to come take this crazy man away.
The next morning Marie’s parents arrived home only to be greeted by the police at their front door to break the bad news to them about their daughter being killed in a car accident. Marie’s parents blamed Johnny for their daughter’s death even though the police report said otherwise.
After Marie’s funeral Johnny’s guilt was eating him up inside about not being able to save the woman he promised to protect was swept away from his life forever. The following night Johnny decided to go to the cemetery and dig up his bride and take her home and take care of her so they could be together forever.

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