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We Need Him Part 4 (Missing Pieces)

Length: 112 pages1 hour


For a brief time, Jamie was blissfully happy. She had two men who loved and doted on her. But when another family tragedy strikes, her heartache might be too painful to fix. 

While Jake explores his submissive side more deeply, Brett teeters on the edge of anger and concern, feeling betrayed. 

Can this threesome find the peace they all desperately need? In We Need Him Part 4, Jake, Jamie, and Brett will be pushed to the limits of love and pain. In the end, can they learn to fix the turmoil in their lives or will they find themselves falling apart...for good? 

Content warning: This book is intended for audiences over the age of 18 due to explicit material. This story includes an mmf (male-male-female) menage, gay encounters, bdsm and descriptive sex scenes. We Need Him Part 4 is approximately 27,000 words.

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