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Fighting Darkness, Book 3 of The Ariana Series

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From Tragedy Comes Their Greatest Lessons and Triumphs.

Moving to Arizona to attend college proves to be the right decision for Ariana Abrams. Growing up, she faced an abusive childhood but survived, thanks to a loving grandmother in the physical realm, and the protection and guidance of her spirit guides on the Other Side. Forming deep friendships with seven other students, the group quickly realizes they have much in common; they are each becoming “activated.” They can communicate with the dead, they sense energy emanating from people and objects, and they feel a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Despite their new understandings, their metaphysical abilities are growing at rates that are at times alarming.

Just as their abilities are increasing, tragedy befalls a beloved member of the group. Spiritual beliefs are questioned as the young friends wonder why God would allow such a terrible thing to happen. Yet through their shared tragedy, their knowledge of God deepens. A mentor with profound psychic abilities shares her knowledge and practices with the group, helping them to reach new levels of understanding and strength.

In "Fighting Darkness," the third and final book of "The Ariana Series," the most challenging spiritual messages are explored. The conclusion to the series aims to help young adults, or anyone with an interest in metaphysics, to understand and develop psychic abilities, the ultimate goal being the protection of our precious planet. Deep answers to many of life’s most difficult questions are addressed in the final book of this uniquely special series.

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