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An Angel at Satan's Ball: a novel

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Angels and demons, good and evil, selfless love and selfish lust tug and grate on the inhabitants of Angus Brownfield’s latest novel, An Angel At Satan’s Ball. Ulysses Everard, Angelic Advisor since Homo sapiens began migrating out of Africa, finds his latest ward, country girl Sarafina Birdseye, more of a challenge than any previous. Assuming the persona of a suave professor at Respected University, he soon falls in love with the innocent and vulnerable incoming freshman. A high-ranking demon, Semyaza, senses that Ulysses can be drawn into the ranks of Fallen Angels if she mounts an attack on his beloved. Aware that she’s attracted to the professor but also to raw sex in quantity, Sarafina finds herself the key not only to an angel’s fate but that of countless souls awaiting permanent berths in heaven. The more she indulges her sexuality, the more Sarafina decides she is unworthy of her idolized mentor. Except for Sequin, a blue collar angel, both angels and demons misjudge the selflessness of Sarafina’s love for Ulysses and where this will lead them both. One will become The Exemplar God has awaited since the Big Bang, the other will find a thoroughly unangelic route to salvation.

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