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Warp Space: Original Concept

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In Warp Space, players struggle to make progress against an overaggressive Empire. Emperor Eyeshin Kivlion XXXIII is the cruelest ruler the Empire has experienced since the First Emperor. Sometimes the Empire brings justice, showing up to assist weaker societies against swiftly growing rivals. In other times, the tasks laid out by the Empire in return for such favor are impossible to achieve in many situations.

Players in this Massive Multiplayer Online Application will compete for supremacy with other players and the Emperor, until the Emperor is overthrown. Once he is overthrown, the leader of the war will take his throne. The Emperor is not alone in managing the Empire. He has six faithful paragons that have ascended through the Diplomatic Ranks of the Empire. Once an Emperor is unseated, the paragons in power are demoted and replaced. Periods of peace will enable a brief re-build time frame, both for players and the Empire. When the game launches, it will start by having twelve galaxies within the known universe.

Gene Roddenberry had Star Trek, George Lucas had Star Wars, I have Warp Space.

This eBook goes along with a custom designed HTML interface web page that helps illustrate the sense of the game. This idea is inspired by an old internet text based game called Archspace. Concept is available to licensing agreements. I am reserving rights for future franchise development. This will have an eBook series to complement the lore of the game.

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