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Desert Trilogy

Length: 75 pages1 hour


Three "new weird" or "slipstream" stories set in the desert. All three explore relationships between men and women, with the desert backdrop providing just enough strangeness to push their interactions to the edge. If you enjoyed Hari Kunzru's Gods Without Men, you might enjoy these. "Chill Out": Is now the right time for Brad and Amy to have kids? Brad wants to start a family right away, but Amy wants to focus on her writing career. Will a drive in the desert help them settle the argument? "Glass": Derek can't understand his hiking partners' objections to his Google Glass. But alienating friends isn't the only danger of his obsession with Augmented Reality.
"What I Did for Love": Dave is a journeyman carpenter. Now he needs to drill a hole in his girlfriend's head. Does he have the nerve to finish the job?

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