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Not A Fan: A Casual Encounters Short Story

Length: 31 pages22 minutes


Sandy and Tony meet at a season-opening football party hosted by their mutual friend, Marcus. They are the only two that's not enjoying the adrenaline and alcohol-induced celebrations of the other guests. After a few minutes of introductions and casual chit-chat, they decide to leave the part and go for a walk.

They find themselves in a city park. Night has descended and with it, their attraction to one another is released. While they are not a fan of football, they quickly become a fan of one another.

Note: You can now find this story and more in the Casual Encounters: Erotic Short Stories and Poetry collection.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This 5900-word short story contains adult language, situations, and sexually explicit content: it is intended for readers over the age of eighteen. If you are not over the age of eighteen, stop reading now.

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