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WESTERN ROMANCE: Clairbell’s Story – Sheriff’s Daughter Finds Romance with the Wrong Man (Clean Western Romance)

Length: 29 pages29 minutes


Claribel’s single-mindedness would inevitable lead her in to conflict with her over-protective father; the much respected Sheriff of the town. Claribel felt as though her life was going nowhere; there must be more than this. She yearned to be free from the shackles of her father’s expectations; she wanted independence, adventure and most of all she wanted love.

Then one day the ruggedly handsome Findley Hallet road in to town with his gang of outlaws. Life for Claribel was about to get interesting; there were fractious times ahead, tensions were about to rise and relationships stretched to within breaking point.

For better or worse Claribel’s life was to change … for ever!

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