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My Billionaire Werewolf Box Set

Length: 105 pages1 hour


Raven is confident she has a job at Anderson Industries but makes one mistake. She parks in the owner’s parking space. When Kingsley Anderson asks her to move, she shoots him the finger. She soon realizes that the dark irresistible man who makes her body quake, is her boss, and the one she gave the finger. Raven promptly packs her things and leaves, not before carving her initials on the door of Kingsley’s two hundred thousand dollar Maserati.
Kingsley Anderson has a bit of a problem. He needs to find a human that will give birth to his pups before he’s overrun by another pack of Werewolves. Time is running out, and the moon is full. When he meets Raven in the garage of his building, he selects her to become his mate.
How will he convince Raven, a stubborn, a strong-minded human to sire his pups when she thinks there is no such thing as a Werewolf?

Part 2
“I think Kingsley Anderson is a lunatic and has escaped from an asylum because he constantly refers to himself as a Werewolf, and that I’m pregnant. I’m willing to overlook all the freaky stuff he says and does because he’s tall, dark, and handsome, his love making is off the charts, and he’s a billionaire, but I draw the line with the talk of being pregnant.”
“Raven is the only mate for me but I can’t convince her that I’m a Werewolf without showing her and then I run the risk of her rejecting me. I will have to persuade this stubborn, beautiful, black woman that her only choice is to be with me since she is the only fertile female in a den of wolves. She needs my protection.”

Part 3
Raven wants what any woman wants, her freedom, and to control her own destiny. But Kingsley Anderson has mapped out her life for her, and she’s not having it. This strong black woman is determined to show that impossible, alluring, handsome love of her life, that she is no man’s B even if he’s a gorgeous billionaire werewolf.
Kingsley wants to protect Raven from the eager desires of a young werewolf who has his sharp eyes on her, and he suspects that the werewolf wants to do battle to gain control of his pack and Raven. If the young wolf succeeds in taking Raven, Kingsley knows that he will not be as amused as he is by her stubborn, arrogant behavior, and smart mouth. Can Kingsley convince Raven before it’s too late that it’s a dangerous world outside without him to protect her?

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