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Pulse Methods in 1D & 2D Liquid-Phase NMR

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FROM THE PREFACE: Pulse Methods in 1D and 2D Liquid-Phase NMR is written to enable the practicing NMR spectroscopist to understand and apply the varied and powerful new techniques developed in the past few years for obtaining spectra with greatly increased information content and from smaller and smaller samples. The intent is to describe both theory and practice in simple and detailed fashion so that the methods may be critically evaluated and effectively used in any potential application. As methods become more complex they require more instrument time, and it is important to be able to judge whether the investment of this time is justified. It is also essential for the spectroscopist to be in a position to evaluate the capabilities of the instrumentation available, as well as the additional requirements for utilization of particular new methods.
The material in this book assumes a knowledge of continuous-wave NMR methods as well as an elementary understanding of the normal pulsed Fourier-transform spectroscopic procedures, together with a knowledge of such related phenomena as the nuclear Overhauser effect. Although much of the treatment is necessarily methematical, this aspect of the presentation has been simplified as much as possible.

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