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Quicksilver Messenger

Length: 300 pages5 hours


Steve found April kidnapped in the middle of the road. Steve had just finished his engineering contract job in Corpus Christi, Texas and was on his way to his next job in California. He had plenty of time between jobs, so he decided to do some sightseeing along the way. He was determined to explore the Texas Big Bend country and made a side trip to Alpine, Texas.

April was self-indulgent and used to getting her way. She used her looks or wealth to get what she wanted. However, in her dreams what she really wanted was a dominant man that would make her feel like a real woman. April saw Steve as that man. With each visit April tried to seduce Steve, but he showed her that he was really in control.

As they fought each other for dominance their struggles only bound them tighter together. He dismisses her seductions until in a night of raw dominate and submissive passion she gives herself to him. Only then does she find the passion she had always craved.

He fulfilled every one of April's fantasies and even some she didn't know she had. She willingly gave her heart, body and soul to the man that conquered her and gratefully became his woman. By the time morning came they were bound together. They were bound not by ropes, but by a love that neither thought existed.

Unfortunately, their night of loving bliss had been photographed by April's kidnapper. Steve spotted the man and his camera. He rushed to save April's reputation and recover the photos. Steve stopped him temporarily, but he escaped and kidnapped April again.

Steve hurries to save April, but soon he realizes the kidnapper is only a low-level pawn. Steve must hurry to find who is really behind this plot and how to stop it. At the same time he has to save April and keep her from harm. Her love drives him forward into the path of the powers that want him dead.

Will they survive the rich and powerful leader of the plot with their love intact?

(LHEA - Live Happily Ever After )

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