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The HDL Handbook: Biological Functions and Clinical Implications

Length: 296 pages6 hours


The HDL Handbook: Biological Functions to Clinical Implications brings laboratory research in HDL from bench to bedside in this needed resource for researchers and clinicians studying cholesterol, lipids, epidemiology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, and pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, researchers and clinicians working with an aging population, corporate researchers, post-doctorates; medical students and graduate students will find this publication useful because the scope of coverage includes basic science, genetics, epidemiology, and treatment of HDL cholesterol as well as potential targets to modify HDL cholesterol.

Comprehensive coverage of basic science, genetics, epidemiology and treatment

Reputable content on latest advances in HDL cholesterol research

Inclusive, worldwide content with country specific information

In depth discussion of potential targets to modify HDL

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