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Genetics and Biotechnology of Bacilli, Volume 2

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Genetics and Biotechnology of Bacilli, Volume 2 is a collection of papers from the "Fourth International Conference on Bacilli" held in California on June 21-24, 1987. One paper reviews the results of cloning and characterization of genes for secreted enzyme and of genes that control the expression of secreted enzymes in relation with other prokaryotic regulatory systems. Other papers tackle the regulation of gene expression during sporulation, the sigma factors, bacterial toxins, and antibiotic resistance genes. One paper reports that three genes responsible for the code for peptides found in BT cuboidal crystals have been successfully cloned. The three codes have different toxic characteristics in relation to tobacco hornworm larvae or mosquito larvae. Other papers examine replication. Such examination pertains to the two levels of control on the chromosome involved in DNA replication, or to the possible functional importance that several membranes associated DNA subcomplexes can have in Bacillus subtilis, where one of these appear to control initiation. Other papers discus secretion and extracellular enzymes, as well as, the different genetic systems and methods. This collection can prove beneficial for biochemists, micro-biologists, cellular researchers, and academicians involved in the study of cellular biology, microchemistry, or toxicology.

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