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The Role of Membranes in Metabolic Regulation

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The Role of Membranes in Metabolic Regulation is the second volume in a series of in-depth reviews of specific areas of metabolic regulation. This volume is based on the 1972 symposium on The Role of Membranes in Metabolic Regulation held at the University of Nebraska Medical School.
Separating 20 manuscripts into chapters, this book emphasizes membrane structure and function as well as utilization of affinity chromatography for purification of biologically important cellular components, called membrane receptors. It also discusses the role of phospholipids in hormone sensitive enzyme systems, with an emphasis on adenylate cyclase system. Other chapters describe the induction of steroidogenesis by corticotrophin and its synthetic analogues coupled by an azo linkage in free adrenal cells and the interaction between the mammary epithelial cells and insulin-sepharose systems. Topics on erythrocyte as a system for studying the properties of adenylate cyclase and the ionic effects in the sugar transport regulation in muscle are discussed in the concluding chapters of the book.
Biochemists, physiologists, pharmacologists, physicians, researchers, and all others interested in the concepts about metabolic regulation will find this series of great value.

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