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The Mechanism of gated calcium Transport across Biological Membranes

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The Mechanism of Gated Calcium Transport Across Biological Membranes presents the proceedings of a symposium, which was an unprecedented attempt to bring together diverse groups working on various aspects of the problem of gated Ca2+ transport. A variety of tissues, from Paramecium to vertebrate, and from the cell membrane to the internal membrane system, are included. This attempt appears to have been a success as many participants felt that they learned a great deal about the phenomenon in different preparations.
This book is divided into six sections, with the first focusing on gated calcium transport in various tissues. It discusses such topics as the general properties of gated calcium transport, development of calcium channels in the cleavage-arrested embryo of a certain ascidian, and calcium currents in mammalian neurons. The following sections then focus on the kinetics of gated calcium transport; the pharmacology of gated calcium transport; regulation of gated calcium transport; calcium release from fragmented SR; and calcium-induced calcium release.
This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of pharmacology, physiology, and experimental pathology.

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